How to Sharpen Your Garden and Workshop Tools

Fall is a great time to take stock of your gardening and other bladed tools, and get them in pristine shape before they're put away for the season. Sharpening tools like shovels, hoes, pruning shears, knives, and chisels can make a world of a difference in how they work. Here are some tips for sharpening the most… » 9/17/14 7:00am 9/17/14 7:00am

Build a Smoker From a 55 Gallon Drum

While using a grill is the most popular method of cooking outside, connoisseurs of slow-cooked meat will tell you that a smoker is the way to go. You don't have to buy another outdoor appliance to smoke your own meat though. This no-weld plan shows you how to build a smoker out of a 55-gallon drum. » 9/11/14 5:30am 9/11/14 5:30am

Choose The Right Sander for Your Project

Sanding is an essential part of any finished woodworking project. In its simplest form, you can use a piece of sandpaper and some elbow grease, but power sanders are much faster and more efficient. This video has some tips for choosing the right sander for your project. » 9/05/14 5:30am 9/05/14 5:30am